Under Water Inspection

Hibbard Inshore is an internationally focused engineering services company specializing in the use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and the latest in marine survey equipment. Founded in 1984, Hibbard Inshore's 29 years of ROV and engineering experience has made them an industry leader in underwater inspection, construction, marine survey, and consulting. With involvement in a number of diverse industries, Hibbard Inshore has gained knowledge and experience with a wide variety of processes and project needs. From these experiences, Hibbard Inshore has been able to develop systems and techniques that address each industry’s unique concerns while focusing on project safety and cost containment.


  • Inspection of charged hydro structures

  • Under water survey

  • Under water repairs

  • Inspection & videography of charged sewer lines

  • Ground penetrating radar systems Laser imaging

List of projects

1. Location and Recovery of Subsea Trawler Resistant Sensor Pods-Customer/Woods Hole Group,Massachusetts USA

2. Grouting and Custom Plugging of Leaks at 100 Meter Depth - Customer/ Druk Green Power Corporation, Tala HPP, Bhutan

3. Cable Route, Cable Touchdown, and Post-lay  Surveys - Customer / Northwest Underwater Construction and BC Hydro, Vancouver and Victoria BC, Canada

4. Five Kilometer External Ocean Outfall Survey - Customer / LA County Sanitation and Ballard Diving and Salvage, Hyperion Outfall, Los Angeles, CA USA

5. ROV Dredging Adjacent to Active High Head Pumps - Customer / California Department of Water Resources and Hitachi, Edmonston, CA

6.Two Kilometer Tunnel Inspection- Customer / SJVN, Nathpa Jhakri HPP, India

7.  Flooded Mine Debris Removal and Bulkhead Placement - Customer/Offshore Innovative Solutions  and Cigar Lake Mine, Saskatchewan, Canada

8. Two Kilometer Internal Water Main Inspection - Customer/Chun Wo Development Holdings and Ballard Diving and Salvage, Victoria Harbor Hong Kong

9. 3D Sonar, Dredging and Debris Removal - Customer/Socoin, Peares Darn, Spain



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