Safety policy

A step towards a secure workplace

Tristar Group affirms its commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all its employees and workmen and ensure that its operations are carried out in a manner that protects the environment and community in general.

  1. Training of employees / workmen on various aspects of safety is a continuous process so as to inculcate a positive attitude towards adopting safe work practices.
  2. Promoting a positive work culture based on improving our SHE performance.
  3. To complete all works of engineering construction on schedule without any downtime attributable to accidents or fire at the work site.
  4. To minimize safety hazards by ensuring a high degree of housekeeping is always maintained.
  5. Identifying and eliminating / controlling hazards and pollution that could cause accidents, illness or damage to environment.
  6. Complying with all applicable Safety, Health & Environmental legislation.
  7. Integrating safety, health & environmental procedures into every operation of TGIPL.



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