Tristar is one of the largest service providers for waterproofing in the construction industry.

We offer:

  • Installing synthetic liners (PVC/TPO)

  • Polyurethane Systems (Spray & Brush Applied)

  • Torch on Membranes

  • Crystalline Systems

  • Polyuretherene and methyl acrylate Injections.

Our product portfolio:

1. Retrofitting  using  Specialized CONIPUR Systems

2. Dams Tunnels & Irrigation Channels

3. Flat  roofing treatment

4. Green Roofs

5. Basements

6. Deck  waterproofing

7. Water retaining structures (Drinking, Wastewater,  Sewerage)

8. Swimming pools

  9. Expansion Joints

  List of projects


   • Pir Panjal Railway Line, J&K

   • Quazigund To Banihal Tunnel, Jammu and Kashmir

   • DMRC Underground Various Stations

   • Bangalore  Airport

    • Hyderabad International Airport

    • Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi

    • The Oberoi Amarvillas Hotel, Agra

    • Maneri  Bhali Stage 2




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