Dam & Tunnel Repair

Tristar is one of the largest service providers of hydro power projects, railways & roadways.

Product targets the following areas:

  • Waterproofing of tunnels

  • Rehabilitation of spillways

  • Crack repair of tunnels

  • Gantry joints repair

  • Pin whole treatment

  • Patch repairs

  • Strengthening of structures

  • Underwater repair

  • Construction joints

  • Radial gate repairs

  • Pre Injection for ground consolidation

Our water proofing & repair capability is extended to new as well as old projects.

Product Portfolio:

  • Synthetic waterproofing membranes (PVC, TPO, Sprayapplied flexible membrane)

  • Epoxy injection grouting

  • Water swelling bars

  • Fiber laminates

  • Micro concrete

  • Non-shrink grouts

  • Epoxy coating

  • Dams, tunnels & irrigation channels

Hydro Electric Projects

  • Tala, Bhutan

  • Nathpa Jhakri, H.P.

  • Dhauli Ganga, Uttrakhand

  • Tehri, Uttrakhand

  • Maneri Bhali, T.H.D.C




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